make your data smarter

Magnifai helps public organizations utilize their data capital efficiently.

We're a team of social innovators and technologists that want to help local nonprofits better leverage their data and make more informed decisions. We apply modern data science techniques to existing data capital to create tools and insights with measurable impacts.


predictive pet matching

Austin, TX

Increased adoption rates and reduced animal shelters' operating costs by increasing awareness of the right animal to a targeted audience at the optimal time.

predicting homelessness rates

Portland, OR

Improved the health and safety of homeless families by predicting the areas and time of greatest need for deployment of targeted resources.

Core Team

James Mensch - Magnifai CEO

James Mensch


An alumnus of Philly startups Tembo and Zoomer (YC '14) and current Director of Engineering at Threatcare (Techstars '17), James has spent his career building and managing data driven applications for private and public organizations. He is also an organizer, speaker, and mentor for several diversity and civic initiatives in Austin and Philadelphia.

Eric Segraves - Magnifai COO

Eric Segraves


An alumnus of Tembo, Capital One, Nike, and current Data Scientist at Renew Financial, Eric has developed a skillset that is unique to data scientists by blending startup style and agility with established industry processes. He volunteers for various data science initiatives in Portland and Philadelphia, usually choosing to focus on social impact problems.

“Social innovation is not the prerogative or privilege of any organizational form or legal structure. Solutions often require the active collaboration of constituents across government, business, and the nonprofit world.”
—Soule, Malhotra, Clavier